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Approach & Philosophy

Our total approach to your sales cycle differentiates Parcus from typical sales consultants. By looking at every aspect of your sales operations rather than focusing on a single factor, Parcus develops comprehensive and lasting sales programs that strengthen existing efforts. We develop a deep understanding of how and when your clients make decisions and how to influence those decisions positively at every phase.


The thrust of your sales process lies in two components: your sales team and the procedures they follow. If either component fails to reach its potential, the engine sputters. Parcus specializes in diagnosing and improving the dynamic between people and process to help clients exceed their sales goals and maintain momentum for long-term growth.

Our tools and process are versatile, realistic and ambitious to:


ANALYZE: Our approach begins with a total analysis of your sales operation, from pre-sales to postsales, from senior management to sales representative, to determine where the cause of the issues you have reside and determine the best method of repair. Perhaps leads are slipping through the cracks, or sales are taking too long to close, or your sales force is missing opportunities at some point in the customer's buying cycle. Whatever the problem, we find it and solve it.

IDENTIFY: Within this analysis, we identify your Profitability Points which are opportunities to improve both your marketing and sales processes to more efficiently utilize your sales operations resources.

DESIGN: Thirdly, we design customized solutions for your marketplace, your employees, and your resources, which complement your corporate culture and revenue objectives.

IMPLEMENT: Finally, we put ideas into motion. At the implementation stage, we execute on time and budget. This is a methodical approach to turning prospects into leads and leads into sales for an ongoing cycle of sales success. The result is that your sales engine is well-oiled and running at full throttle.

How We Do It

The Parcus Cycle of Success


Whether your lead time for a sale is one hour or two years, you must cultivate an opportunity every single time a prospect comes in contact with your company. Perhaps this cultivation takes place face-to-face, by telephone, or by email. Regardless, every one of these client “touches” is critical to making the sale.

The Parcus Associates' approach closes imminent sales quickly while cultivating potential prospects and fattening the sales pipeline. In your client's buying cycle, opportunities constantly arise to increase the chance of a sale. Parcus will pinpoint those precise  moments and develop systematic procedures so that your sales force will consistently capitalize on opportunities in a pattern of selling that works over and over again.

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