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At the time that Kostas and I first started working together, our company's business development approach was simply not generating the level of new client acquisition activity we needed to secure the momentum the organization needed. Many of the strategies that had served us so well over the years simply were not producing the same results any longer. What we needed was a new, multi-pronged approach that incorporated current best-practice tools for process management and reporting, a new approach to incentive the desired behavior, and a training initiative for a broader group of professionals across our organization. Marketing services, any form of professional sevices for that matter, is not the easiest offering set to sell. We needed new direction and vitality to create the required upward momentum change. That is exactly what Kostas was so instrumental in helping us create. If this sounds like a need your organization is experiencing, I strongly encourage you to give him a call.

Tim Leach
Senior Vice President
 SIGMA Marketing Group

Kostas is an intelligent and goal-driven individual with excellent business sense. He has the ability to quickley review and identify your company's needs and recommend solutions to resolve your sale and managment problems. Hiring Kostas is the first step toward increasing your company's revenue opportunities.

Charles Lattuca
Senior Vice President & Public Affairs
Praxiis Business Advisors

Kostas is one of the most creative individuals I have ever met in the business world. He has a skill in translating creative ideas into real-world practical solutions. At Concentrix, he quickly brought a focus and direction to our sales team which was sorely needed. Kostas can take a complex business need and break it down into simple terms so that everyone understands what needs to be done and by whom. He also employs the use of key measures to track progress and ensure results.

David Barlow
Executive Vice President
Chief Information Officer, Concentrix

I have had the opportunity to get to know Kostas and see him in action with several joint clients. Kostas has the experience and expertise to work with businesses to improve their condition or to determine the ongoing detriments to that business and put a plan of action in place to overcome or eliminate the roadblocks to success. I have seen Kostas analyze a business and make recommendations for improvements in operations, sales and overall management process. Kosatas has a wealth of knowledge and experience that can assist with business challenges and making even good businesses better.

Anthony Cutrona
Vice President
M&T Bank

I have known Kostas since I attended a business boot camp he facilitated a few years ago. I was, and continue to be, extremely impressed with his exceptional level of knowledge, his ability to read any business situation and narrow it down to its most basic components, and provide a workable solution to ensure a positive outcome. I consider Kostas to be a master at his craft, an exceptionally ethical business person, and I would recommend him to anyone who is serious about growing their business.

Frank Cania
SPHR, President & CEO
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