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Approach & Philosophy

Marketing is the process of developing and communicating value to your prospects and customers. It includes every step you take to sell, service and manage your customers.


We use proprietary methodologies and insights built from our years of experience and consulting to help leaders develop ways to grow their firm's market share. Our approach is collaborative, energetic, heartfelt, future-oriented, and market-focused.

We can help you:


· Build your firm’s programs, processes, techniques and tools to encourage collaboration and shared accountability for growing the firm.

· Assess your firm’s strategic differentiation and positioning platforms, growth opportunities, and competitors’ approaches.

· Create advantageous strategic marketing plans to maximize your firm’s competitive advantage and growth potential.

· Convene your senior executives to envision breakthrough strategies and new market-focused plans.

· Develop programs to build intellectual capital and new or repackaged service offerings.

· Mentor your senior leaders to achieve higher levels of accomplishment in their marketing and management initiatives.

Consider us an extension of your in-house marketing team! We will provide objective, data-based methods to improve your marketing effectiveness. Every good map includes a key. Like a key on a road map, our strategic assessments of your current and future marketing efforts will help you understand where your business is now, where you want to go and how to get there.

We are business experts and we take a four-step approach to solving our clients' marketing challenges:


ConsultationWe listen to your needs and ask the key questions to determine how to customize a solution for your specific business needs.

AssessmentWe dig in and learn your business. We will research your industry and the competition, review your current activities and identify untapped marketing opportunities.

Formal ProposalWe will present your team with a detailed and customized proposal to meet your needs.

Planning & ImplementationWe provide seamless execution to deliver results. We deliver regular and accurate tracking of program performance and provide recommendations for ongoing success.

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