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Kostas has a unique ability to help key executives focus on the critical factors in a business that result in improved sales leadership and bottom line profitability. He's easy to deal with, yet provides honest fact-based assessments that an owner needs from a trusted source. His ability goes beyond just recognizing what needs to be done, he also knows how to execute.

Scott Lippa
 First Vice President
National Client Executive, Countrywide Bank, Countrywide Financial Corporation

We used Kostas to help our sales group transition from a reliance on existing customers to growth based on new business development. His thorough knowledge of the sales process was presented at a level appropriate for our staff. He is an excellent judge of sales talent, and helped us when we needed to add to our team. We are beginning to see the results of our joint efforts, and I recommend Kostas to others for similar services.

Bill Gilman
President and CEO
Qioptiq, Inc.

Kostas has worked with clients of mine and brought his deep understanding of marketing and sales management to bear to raise their revenues and improve profitability. He has mastered the details of positioning product and service strategy, building a sales force, implementing a CRM and managing a sales organization. Any CEO who wants to turbocharge his or her sales organization should talk to Kostas Peters.

Charles Pfeffer
Contextus LLC

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Kostas through the Small Business Council of Rochester where he did a 3 part sales training. Honestly, sales training does not really even come close to describing what his methodology represents. I think the important distinction is rather than focusing on how a seller sells, the focus is on how a customer buys. Kostas teaches how to get on the buying team and becoming an integral part of the decision making process. It's really buying facilitation rather than "sales training". He is a true consultant. I believe the first step (and most difficult) in becoming a consultant is putting away the need to sell and adopting the agenda of the client/customer. Easier said than done, but he makes it look EASY!

Jim Growney
Executive Recruiter
Employee Relations Associates

I have had the pleasure of working with Kostas as board members of the Small Business Council of Rochester, NY. We have served on several committees together and I have attended several presentations Kostas delivered to the SBC Boot Camp training sessions. I don't recommend many people, however Kostas is exemplary in his understanding of sales and marketing, as well as communicating this understanding, either by demostrating his skill in actual selling activity, managing the activities of others, coaching, or teaching critical skills to others. I recommend Kostas without reservation to anyone looking to upgrade their sales and marketing activities.

Don Waltzer
H&C Tool Supply Corp.

During the first few weeks of your sales training, I began to see gaps in how I approached the marketing and sales process. I soon realized this would result in significant loss of business. By applying the tools and strategies outlined in your training, I am now more effective in my sales meetings, and account management. I have referred to your training material several times to help me identify a problem and then implement a strategy. The end result improved client services which ultimately improved our company's portfolio. Thank you for a terrific and valuable learning experience!

Mary Howard
VP Sales
 WXXI, Inc.
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