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Our Clients

Parcus Associates works across a wide range of industries with business leaders who are as ambitious as they are tenacious. They have such a talent and passion for their business and are open to change that will increase the bottom line, improve the way they do business and increase their success. We are proud to recognize and recommend our clients.

· Alorica

· Biorworks, Inc.

· Broome Marketing/DAC Group - Kentucky

· CoAdvantage

· Concentrix Corporation

· Context Technologies Inc. · Cutting Edge Lasers, Inc.

· DAC Group - Canada

· DigitalThink

· Empire Beef and Re-Distribution, Inc.

· EPI Printing, Inc.

·  ER Associates, Inc.


· Forbes Products LTD

 ·Genesee Regional Bank

· GLC Business Services, Inc

· Greenfield Online, Inc.

· Hutchins/DAC Group - US

· Harris Interactive

· KrausCreative

· LayerOneMedia, Inc.

· LMT Technology Solutions, Inc.

· Mason Selkowitz Marketing

· Mediamethods, Inc.

· New Horizons Computer Centers

· Paradigm Environmental Services, Inc.

· Real Lease, Inc.

· RES Exhibit Services, LLC

· SB Elder Services, LLC

· SIGMA Marketing Group

· Spirit Incentives, Inc.

· Synergy Corporation

· Town and Country Travel, Inc.

· True Advantage, Inc.

· ViaHealth, Inc.

· UStec, Inc.


· S.V. Moffett & Co., Inc

· Qioptiq Group

· VRS Health

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