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Kostas has delivered a practical, easy to comprehend sales training along with helping our sales team understand the importance of a sales process.  Well worth the investment and a very quick ROI.  I highly recommend him and am available to speak with anyone who is contemplating engaging his services.

Joe Gionta
Director of Sales
BioWorks, Inc.

We have worked with Kostas Peters for the past 18 months.  The knowledge, expertise, and passion that he brings to his work has been incredible.  His efforts have made a significant and measurable impact on our Sales and Marketing efforts.  He continues to add value to our company and we look forward to continuing our relationship with him.

Mark Mollenkopf
Cutting Edge Laser Technologies

I have had the opportunity to work with Kostas over the last 3 years. I hired him to improve our Sales & Marketing efforts as we are growing as a company. I found him to be very thorough, professional and results driven. We have been able to fine tune our Marketing efforts, increase Sales and profitability, while maintaining a focus on our core business. As a matter of fact our business has grown 55% over the last 3 years. Kostas is unlike any other consultant as he implements what he recommends. I highly recommend Kostas to any small- to medium-size company for their sales and marketing needs.

Mihai Vieru
President & CEO
LMT Computer Systems

In assignments as CEO, I have been faced with the need to build sales process and performance. On two such occasions I engaged Kostas to work with the firm. His contributions were consistently professional, practical and effective. He performs with the attitude of a partner, not a hired resource. He pulls no punches. He is all in. Simply put, he is the best I have encountered at what he does.

Lynn Hartrick
Business Leadership Professionals, LLC

I have had the pleasure of working with Kostas as board members of the Small Business Council of Rochester, NY. We have served on several committees together and I have attended several presentations Kostas delivered to the SBC Boot Camp training sessions. I don't recommend many people, however Kostas is exemplary in his understanding of sales and marketing, as well as communicating this understanding, either by demostrating his skill in actual selling activity, managing the activities of others, coaching, or teaching critical skills to others. I recommend Kostas without reservation to anyone looking to upgrade their sales and marketing activities.

Don Waltzer
H&C Tool Supply Corp.

Kostas is a straight shooter that will make sales happen and get things done. You WILL be motivated by Kostas.

Peter Bruu

Having worked with many operations, sales, and marketing consultants in a number of markets, I can comfortably say that Kostas is one of the best. Kostas is passionate about the success of his clients and highly focused on delivering significant value. His highly intuitive sense plus fact-based assessment approach zero-in on the critical issues quickly. He is a true master at transforming an organization’s effectiveness and a pleasure to work with.

John Sirianni
Sales & Strategic Alliances, Vanteon
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