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Frequently Asked questions

Q. Isn't consulting just advice? Why should I consider Parcus Associates?

But we don't just provide advice. What makes us unique is our ability to turn theory into action. In short, we deliver practical, hands-on help and advice that works - and we take it right through to implementation and results.

Parcus Associates can:

1. Boost ROI – The typical consulting engagement lasts about six months, however, from the very start, you will begin to reap the benefits of working with Parcus Associates. Our 360° discovery process provides an immediate look at your business and allows us to kick start training and begin working with your staff one-on-one, in order to guide them to improved sales and marketing efforts. Adding experienced talent to your team enables you to do more and be more efficient which in turn increases your overall ROI.


2. Make Your Job Easier! New job requisitions may or may not be in your near future – hiring an outside consultant will add sales and marketing muscle to your team at a fraction of the cost of a new hire.  You can accomplish more for less.


3. Provide much needed support and training to key staff already facing a heavy load. Your staff of four managers has 22 projects to complete in Q1 and 20 demanding clients to manage in addition to bringing in more opportunities and closing more sales.  Parcus Associates serves as an extension of your management team, training, motivating and assuming client service responsibilities – all to help your staff learn through real situations and keep your business on track without skipping a beat.

4. Objective point of view. Bring a new fresh perspective to your business by outsourcing projects.  Hiring a consultant who has extensive experience in your industry can be a tremendous value to your organization over the long term.


5.  Access expertise your team does not possess. Your team may lack experience in a specific area – like social networking or email marketing. Parcus Associates provides you with access to that expertise.

Q. What does Parcus Associates do for their clients?

Initially, businesses come to Parcus Associates with a specific need in mind only to discover through our discussion that they may have additional problem symptoms that need to be addressed. The role we ultimately play with our clients can include:

· Assist in developing sales and marketing strategies

· Act as troubleshooter

· Coaching, training, mentoring and general business advice

· Act as a 'sounding board' for owners and managers

· Help develop business plans and business strategy

· Help management develop or implement new systems

· Provide an 'independent' professional view from outside the organization

· Implement change; be it personnel, process or system

· Assist in financial planning, including fund-raising and strategy planning

· Help with recruitment of senior staff

Q. What size companies does Parcus Associates work with?

We work with companies of all sizes and in most sectors, but our real focus is the smaller to medium sized business - typically 5 to 500 employees.

Q. So what are Parcus Associates areas of focus?

Our core competencies include:

· Sales and marketing

· Market expansion and programmed sales growth

· Business finance support and Advice for managing directors and owners

· Business funding

· General management

· Business planning

· Cash and profit improvement

· Change management

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